My Whole 30 Lifestyle Challenge

I am starting this post as a way to track my daily experience giving my body what it needs and not succumbing to what my mind wants. I will be updating this post each day with some sort of update on how wonderful I feel or how awful this is and that I want out now! I am committed. I want to do this for me. Not for you.

My wife has already completed 30 days and I am so proud of her for her stamina and good choices. We have already benefitted from her eating more healthy and it doesn’t leave me wanting more.

my normal whole30 mealEating is not everything. I will continue to workout in several ways throughout the month. Taekwondo is a main staple of working out that is enjoyable to me. I look forward to seeing how much better I perform while I only introduce real food into my system. Lifting weights is something I love to do on a weekly basis. I am no gym rat, but the soreness that comes from lifting is a great feeling that I cannot get from anywhere else. Running is something I loathe. But I must keep running. It is my nemesis. The one I want to conquer. I will also be adding in some TapouT training in-between the other regimens.

I am excited. Let’s see how long this lasts.


January 1

WOW this first day wasn’t so bad! I already like vegetables and meat, so enjoying the meals were not the problem. I am still trying to figure out portion sizes, but that will come with experience. Another reason it was easy was that my wife was there to help me plan out the meals. I suppose it won’t be so easy once I am on my own to make good decisions.

January 2

Not a bad day overall, but I do crave some of the foods I should not be eating. I have committed, so I am going to stay on track and see how this pans out. I am going to sleep earlier in the evening because I do not want to succumb to the cravings sent to me by a malnourished mind.

January 3

I want sugar and wheat! I can’t will myself to write anymore.

January 4

I am starting to feel an increase in energy throughout the day. I am wondering how much of it is psychological. Today I will be going to tae kwon do and then immediately after running the 3 mile course. I should be ready for a big steak and some fat after this.

The Taekwondo and running wore me out! I did eat a nice healthy meal to replenish the nutrients that I need, but I still want some beer or wine to drink with my sports.

January 5

So tired and unmotivated. I also feel quite snappy. Don’t mess with me today. That basically covers the whole day. I also broke the whole30 challenge today by taking communion. But as I thought about this ahead of time and made the decision to take communion, I was guilt free. This is even explained in the timeline on the whole30 site. Good night.

January 6

Feeling fine today, but the early morning running session was lacking heart. I was in the mood for coffee early in the morning, which I could not have until I finished breakfast. Not wanting to eat breakfast right away, I decided to go for the run. It was grueling. I didn’t even break 2 miles. And I even walked for certain parts of it. This is a vast difference from what I felt on my run on day 4.

January 7

I woke up late on the coldest day of the year! It is 9 degrees outside in North Carolina. I had plenty of energy to get the day started with a great breakfast with my daughter. Eggs again… but this time with some salsa on them! And of course my normal spinach and fruit. Coffee after breakfast was wonderful. The timeline says I should be tired today, but I am not feeling it. The only thing I am feeling is the knee pain that has plagued me since the middle of December. I think it is because of the cold.

January 8

Guilt. Last night I had a bender. Lucky for me it was just a dream. A dream where I had pudding all over my face and chocolate cake for dinner! I also remember drinking some sort of yummy liquor.

Today I have boundless energy. No more mid day slumps or 5 hour energy.

January 9

I woke up this morning and bounced straight out of bed. I found myself ready for the day and in a great mood. My energy levels were through the roof and I the day couldn’t throw anything at me that I couldn’t catch and throw right back.

I am finding that my lunches are the biggest change in my daily routine. Before I would find myself indulging in fast food or relatively fast (healthy) food that was not necessarily healthy. This would cause a crash mid afternoon that would be difficult to work through without slamming coffee or 5 hour energy. Now that my meals have been filled with protein, vegetables and good fat, my focus has sharpened. I am getting more things done and it feels great!

January 10

They label the 10th and 11th, “Quit Day”.This was a very tough day. Several times during the day I found I was convincing myself to keep going. I also ate out today for the first time. Which Wich made it easy to find something that conforms to the system. Although I also found that the food was sub par compared to what I have been eating.

A bonus to today is that I have already lost all 8+ lbs from my December of Debauchery.

January 11

Today I woke up with a headache and an empty stomach. I really didn’t even fell like eating a solid meal until afternoon. The day wasn’t hard in terms of temptation, but I do feel an energy boost.

January 12

I have been feeling run down lately, but not due to what I am eating. It is mostly due to the fact that I have more energy than I am used to in the afternoon and evening hours that I stay up too late. Although even though I stay up too late, I am not as tired during the day as much as I used to be. Food for the win.

January 13

Stayed up too late again.

January 14

ENERGY! Long lasting energy. 5 hour energy has nothing on this.

January 15

I went out tonight! It is amazing how inexpensive it is to go out when you can’t eat or drink anything! I succeeded in not drinking or eating anything that is non-conforming. My friends were impressed. Interesting enough, it seemed to have an effect on how much they were consuming as well.

January 16

Today I was told more than once that I was looking skinny. Although I enjoyed this, I was amazed that I constantly have a full satiated feeling during the day. This is one diet where I don’t ever feel like I am hungry and can’t eat. The only think I am doing differently is eating the right foods. I am not avoiding carbs, just eating the right carbs. I am not avoiding calories, just eating the right calories. It is amazing how my body reacts the correct foods and is able to process those foods into energy, muscle and nutrients that I need on a daily basis.

January 17

Wow! 17 days are done. I feel pretty good. Although I did feel a bit sluggish toward the end of the day. It may have been due to a long week or maybe the lack of exercise. This week was full of hard work, but will pay off in having a little time to get back in the gym next week. The eating good is getting easier and the cravings are almost all gone. I can always dream… maybe about bang bang shrimp tonight.


Feel free to leave comments about how much of an idiot I am. Or encouraging words, which I prefer. Before I can criticize or evaluate this program, I must first give it a try.

New Years Resolutions

This year I am making some goals. I am committed to these goals for at least the first 6 months, where I will reevaluate them and set new ones for the end of the year. These are in no specific order, but all hold the same importance to me. I am posting them on my site where I can look back and reflect on what is important to me at the end of 2013.

  • Listen first
  • Play more games with my daughter
  • Attempt the Whole 30 lifestyle for at least 1 month
  • Meditate everyday
  • Network more
  • Organize more efficiently in work and home life
  • Write more notes to my wife
  • Blog more
  • Draw everyday

Relax & Enjoy Puerto Rico [video]

My family and I decided to make a long needed vacation for relaxation and healing to Puerto Rico. The Resort was in Fajardo PR and was called The El Conquistador Resort. With the family enduring the healing through 3 surgeries this year, we were happy to all be healthy and enjoying a wonderful destination together.

We started our vacation with excitement and anticipation ebbing through our pores.

Although our final flight into PR lead to an airplane ear infection and a direct trip to the ER upon landing in San Juan. After pulling an all nighter, we finally ended up in our plush room around 5am. One antibiotic cocktail in the bag, we all slept well past noon.

Although the first bummer caused us to go ADHD about our daughter getting any water in her ears for the next few days, we still found a way to enjoy the pools, beach and occasional water slide. Elle’s first experience on a big slide was great. Although she was timid at first, after making one run, she couldn’t get enough.

Why Google Search Causes Designer Migraines

Is it fair for Google to penalize websites for pushing text based content below the fold? In the age of video, fast internet connections and dynamic images, why would Google create an algorithm that punishes certain markets for giving their users what they demand? Or are they really even punishing them? As a designer, it would be nice to know exactly what this algorithm considers content. Continue reading Why Google Search Causes Designer Migraines

Stand Up To Work Or Die

You would be amazed at how rewarding it is to work on your computer while standing on your own 2 feet. About 6 months ago, I built a stand up desk in my home office. The idea was first planted in my head as a tiny seed by a co-worker who has truly earned my respect over the years. A few years ago, I visited our main office in Berea, Kentucky for a team wide conference and first laid my eyes on a colleague standing behind his desk in the corner of the room. My first impression was, “What are you thinking!”. I figured that it would be tiring to stand at your desk all day. Later I found out that it is just the opposite. Here is a great info graphic on the detriments of sitting all day. Continue reading Stand Up To Work Or Die

Is It A Great Time To Be A Designer

Wow, it is a great time to be a web designer!


It is said that a website has a shelf life of 2 years before you need a refresh. If you asked me, I would say that time is more like 1 year. With all the changes in technology, design trends and conversion tactics, you should really keep an eye on your site every week. You should test, re-test and tweak your site to be optimal for conversion, no matter what kind of site you maintain. But in the end, normal people don’t have the means to keep up with such an arduous task. So they hire “designers”. Continue reading Is It A Great Time To Be A Designer

The Future Is In Your Pocket

I once had a dream that I would own a phone that allowed me to access my email, read websites, send photos and do all sorts of things that I could only do chained to my desk. Now that Apple has made my dream come true, it is time to dream on.

I constantly think about the absolute best way to live and work at home and on the go sans throwing out my back. Working at home has its advantages, but when I need to take it on the road, I have to lug around a HUGE laptop, mouse, cables, iPhone, bag, camera, storage device, etc. etc. Continue reading The Future Is In Your Pocket

Thoughts On CMS

I am a big proponent of using content management systems to build and update your website for several reasons. The biggest reason is the ease of updating your design every year without having to move all of your content every time. The smallest would be convenience in the general maintenance of the site without having to rely on a professional that may be very busy at your time of need. Continue reading Thoughts On CMS

Blender 3D Mac Program

I love modeling in 3D. I have always had a skill for understanding 3 dimensional space. Knowing what the other side of the fence should look like. I currently downloaded a great bit of software that is open source for the mac called Blender.

Blender is an open source program, but they do accept donations. It seems to be very robust in modeling and also has animation capabilities. Even though it took some time to learn the interface, there are plenty of tutorials up on YouTube.

I have included my first model of a disc golf basket here. I modeled this after Innova’s Discatcher Pro basket. I used materials found on the Blender materials website to create the metal and paint effects.


If you would like to download my Blender file, click here.