I once had a dream that I would own a phone that allowed me to access my email, read websites, send photos and do all sorts of things that I could only do chained to my desk. Now that Apple has made my dream come true, it is time to dream on.

I constantly think about the absolute best way to live and work at home and on the go sans throwing out my back. Working at home has its advantages, but when I need to take it on the road, I have to lug around a HUGE laptop, mouse, cables, iPhone, bag, camera, storage device, etc. etc.

Now here is what I want, and I want it now! Think about this. Stick a 1T SD card in my iphone, I would actually have 2, one for back up. Make the operating system a full Snow Leopard or whatever animal is in stock at the time. Allow me to dock this powerhouse into any monitor and the touch screen becomes the trackpad or a mouse. Of course I would have to figure out a solution for the keyboard, but hey what else do they have to do over in Cupertino? Now this awesome piece of craftiness would be my main machine, my phone, my mobile computing device and a little slice of FREAKING WICKEDNESS! I would always be online if needed by way of 8G or whatever network AT&T decided I should be on. I would also have my work with me at all times just in case a needy client was to call me while I was chillin at the Flying Saucer with my peeps. <-- Can't believe I just said that. Now that I gave away the ultimate idea, I am sure that Steve Jobs will announce this new product at the WWDC 2010! I think he might even call it the iKevin. Well that was what I dreamed about last night. And yes, I was smiling a toothy grin onstage, as he let me show it off to the world. Like I said, Dream on. Now I only have to figure out what to dream about after I have my new iKevin.