One of my first tasks was to take on a full scale branding and redesign of the Catholic Faith Store E-commerce site. Our main goal was to lighten up the site and update all the imagery to better represent the product to our consumers.

A huge worry was that our customers would not be able to navigate the site as they did before. We spent a lot of time on navigation and how the products displayed on each of the category pages.

The biggest hurdle for these changes was to replace the existing product photos with amazing photos that would captivate and procure a click from the customer. Since the company is a drop ship based model, getting the product is tough in many circumstances. We would either have to wait for something to get returned, or order and pay for the product ourselves, hoping we could sell it in the future.

These lifestyle images showed to help sell the product every time!

This redesign included:

  • Front Page
  • Category Page
  • Search Page
  • Landing Page
  • Product Page
Catholic Faith Store E-Commerce Redesign

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Father to a wonderful daughter. Husband to a beautiful wife. Designer to any who need excellent quality, on-time production and forward thinking.

I am interested in developing crisp and powerful designs with photoshop, wordpress, video and print mediums.

I currently spend my work hours trying to leave my employer better than they were when I joined the team in 2014.

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