This site was designed to create brand recognition and awareness to a company that hand crafts dresses in Spain. A high end dress line that is directed toward families going through first communion in the Catholic Church.


This website is built upon WordPress and uses Woocommerce to add the ecommerce functionality. The photography was shot with a Cannon and an iPhone 6s. All photos were edited with Lightroom and Photoshop to get the desired look.

  • Photography
  • Photo editing
  • Video production
  • Video editing
  • WordPress implementation
  • Copy writing (some)
  • Custom css

Blog Posts

The 411 on Kevin

Father to a wonderful daughter. Husband to a beautiful wife. Designer to any who need excellent quality, on-time production and forward thinking.

I am interested in developing crisp and powerful designs with photoshop, wordpress, video and print mediums.

I currently spend my work hours trying to leave my employer better than they were when I joined the team in 2014.

Curriculum Vitae