Client Email.001This is a wireframe I put together to help our team conceptualize the automation for a client throughout the life of our relationship. We found that keeping our clients in the loop was very time consuming during the production of their website. It would be ideal to receive this report every week during the build of their new website and every month after the site has launched. Keeping the client happy would be far less cost than having to replace the client in our rotation.

We also built in a way to up-sell the client on services that they could benefit from after reviewing their analytics. This would be a soft sell and have an option for them to contact their consultant directly without receiving a cold call. Our lawyer clients were very busy and hard to get on the phone at times. Having a quick glance at where they stand in their internet marketing is a great way to save their time and ours as well.

One of the pain points for our build team was receiving assets like images, content and approvals from the client. This email also shows the client what we are waiting for from them. Giving them an option to log into our system and upload any of the assets we needed to stay within the time frame promised for the project launch. The emails would continue to remind the client that these important assets are needed or their launch date will be moved back.

Client Email.002

Ongoing Relationship Building

Showing the continued work on A/B testing and value added by staying with our company was huge in retaining the client and reducing stress on our team. It would also help our team managers see a birds eye view of the project and where we needed to increase the work to maintain our quality control.